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Why Sun Tours 

Escorted from Albuquerque
On domestic tours, your Tour Director will be with you all the way, taking care of every detail, solving any problems that may arise, and enhancing the mood of the tour through his (her) knowledge, personality, and interaction with each tour participant. On cruises or international trips, you will have an Escort - an experienced SUN TOURS traveler - to help you navigate through airports, collect luggage and meet the ship or Tour Director at your final destination.

No Tipping!
Our no-tipping policy removes your concerns about tipping. Tips for the Tour Director, driver(s), local guides, and all other components of the tour package (except hotel maids) have been included in the tour price. Our Tour Directors have been instructed not to accept any tips.  

Quality Hotels
SUN TOURS selects excellent hotels so that our travelers can rest well and be pleased with this important aspect of the tour. 

Deluxe Motorcoaches
SUN TOURS always uses the latest model, deluxe motorcoach available. All are equipped with a restroom (except sometimes in Hawaii, overseas, and Mexico), microphone, air-conditioning, and large windows.

Seat Rotation
Your Tour Director will explain the pattern of motorcoach seat rotation to you on the first day of the tour. It varies, depending on the number of tour days and the number of passengers. The pattern is selected by the tour director to be as fair as possible. We have developed a system that makes it easy to find your seat. We appreciate your cooperation.

No Smoking
Smoking is not permitted on the motorcoach at any time. Our policy of frequent rest stops will minimize the inconvenience to smokers. Also, most of our hotels are non-smoking.

No Long Rides 
When we drive between cities, rest stops are usually scheduled at intervals of two hours or less. It does everybody good to stretch their legs every two hours. 

Usually overseas tours include most meals. Domestic tours include fewer. Cruises include all meals aboard ship. SUN TOURS includes meals when there is a reason to include them, such as a welcome or farewell gathering, a special restaurant, or a dining entertainment package. Check each tour description for included meals. The codes for meals (shown, if applicable, on each tour day) are: B = Breakfast, L = Lunch, D = Dinner.

For the Young at Heart
SUN TOURS designs its tours for the interests, tastes and pace of the “young at heart.” You are “young at heart” if you have experienced a bit of life and have maintained your sense of wonder and enthusiasm to appreciate what the world has to offer.

Deposits / Cancellation Policies
Each tour has its own deposit requirement and cancellation fees, as shown in a box in the tour description.

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