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$100.00 Client Referral Incentive


SUN TOURS knows that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. To show our appreciation for referring your friends to SUN TOURS, we offer a $100.00 client referral incentive. Here’s how it works: 

You call or send in to us the name, address, and phone number of a friend who is interested in traveling. If that person is not already in our database, you will be listed as the referrer. After your friend completes his or her first tour or cruise with SUN TOURS, we give you a certificate worth $100.00 toward any tour or cruise in our catalog taken within the next 24 months. If your friend is already on our mailing list, then you are not eligible for a certificate for that person. Referring a married couple to us, who subsequently take a trip, qualifies you for two certificates. 

No certificate will be awarded for referring a person who shares your home. There is no limit to the number of certificates you may use on a tour. A sure way to earn a certificate is to convince a friend, who is not yet on our mailing list, to join you on a tour!

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