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We at Sun Tours recognize and share the concerns of all our travelers. We consider the safety and security of our passengers and staff members as paramount and would not knowingly place anyone in danger on any of our tours or cruises.

We continue to stay up-to-date and are following the advice of our ground operators, government travel advisories, World Health Organization (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). Ensuring our guest and staff health and safety is our top priority. Should there be any changes required to your itinerary, we will be in contact as soon as these are known.

SUN TOURS has now canceled, postponed or re-scheduled all its tours and cruises through July 31 and several others in late summer and fall. Here is a tour-by-tour update:


We continue to monitor the feasibility for our other tours and cruises. If you are booked on a postponed, rescheduled, or canceled tour or cruise, we will be in touch with you as soon as we have more details. We appreciate your patience during these challenging times.


Frequently Asked Questions


I see some tour or cruises are canceled, some postponed and some rescheduled. What is the difference?

Whenever possible we are rescheduling tours and cruises so that our passengers can still go once it is safe to travel again. In most cases we guarantee no price increase for the rescheduled tour. Our plans are the same for tours that are marked postponed, but we have not yet established the new departure date. Tours marked canceled are not currently rescheduled, but they may be in the future.


Why, in some cases, are future cruise or tour credits issued rather than refunds?

For tours that are created and operated by SUN TOURS and subsequently canceled, refunds are always offered. When the departure is operated by a third party such as a cruise line or an international tour operator (like Princess or Globus), we are limited by their cancellation policies.


Why should I keep my booking on a postponed or rescheduled tour?

If you keep your booking on most postponed or rescheduled tours, you are guaranteed a place and guaranteed no price increase, even if the cost of the tour goes up. Once the new tour plan is finalized you will have the option of going or canceling with a 100% refund.


What about canceling an upcoming tour that is still scheduled?

Right now, we are still planning most late summer and fall tours but recognize that conditions may prevent them from running. For those departures, we have extended final payment dates and cancellation penalty dates. That way you can rest easy and keep your tour reservation without making an additional payment nor risk incurring an additional cancellation fee.


What if I want to postpone my tour?

Many upcoming tours have been postponed or canceled. For other upcoming tours, cancellation policies are being revised to give you more time to make an informed decision about your travel plans.  If you do decide to postpone your tour, SUN TOURS will work with you to plan a future tour.

All our cruise lines are offering the option to postpone upcoming cruises, converting your reservation to a future cruise credit. Policies and restrictions vary by cruise line and departure date. Please contact our cruise department for additional information.


I was going on a tour that has been rescheduled but I cannot travel on the new dates. I see an option for a larger future tour credit. How does that work?

Your tour payment would be held for future use and can be applied to a new future booking with that operator (such as Sun Tours or Mayflower). For example, suppose there is a 110% credit offer, your tour payment was $1,000, and the new tour you book is $1,250. You would get a $1,100 credit and the balance due would be $150.

There are restrictions, depending on the tour and operator. Generally, the credit applies only to cash payments (not redeemed certificates, discounts, etc.), can only be used one time, and only for a new tour booking of greater value than the original tour.


I was going on a cruise that SUN TOURS has rescheduled but cannot travel on the new dates. I see an option for a future cruise credit. How does that work?

Terms for future cruise credits vary by cruise line and specific canceled or postponed sailings. Please contact our cruise department for additional information.


What does my Travel Protection Plan cover?

There is no coverage under Travel Insured International Group Deluxe Plan or other plans due to COVID-19, except for those with CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) coverage. Cancelling travel due to “fear” of contracting COVID-19 (or the flu or any illness) isn’t covered by travel protection plans. However, should travel be delayed, canceled, or interrupted, there would be coverage as specified in the policy documents. If you need a copy of your policy, please call or email us and we will mail one to you.


What if I have Cancel for Any Reason coverage?

Some travelers may prefer to cancel their trip out of concern for COVID-19. For insured travelers who purchased Cancel for Any Reason coverage, we remind you that cancellations must be made 48 or more hours prior to scheduled departure and payment is limited to 75% of the non-refundable trip cost up to the stated plan amount.


What happens to my insurance payment if my tour has been canceled?

For Travel Insured International (TII) Group Deluxe Plan policies purchased through SUN TOURS, we can

  • Move your coverage to a new or rescheduled trip in 2020 or 2021, or

  • Arrange for a full refund from TII of your premium (provided no claim has been filed under the plan). A TII refund can only be requested once the tour refund is completed and can take some time. Your patience in these matters is greatly appreciated.


I’ve requested a refund. When will I get it?

Refunds for most tours are generally issued in 1-2 weeks. International tours operated by partner companies (Mayflower and Globus) and cruises may take considerably longer Your patience is appreciated.

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