Cape Horn with Solar Eclipse Cruise
December 2 - 19, 2020 (18 Days) CANCELED


  • Roundtrip airfare ABQ to Santiago / Buenos Aires to ABQ (not including baggage & in-flight charges)

  • 15-night cruise with all meals on board

  • Prepaid gratuities (not including optional activities)

  • Transfers to and from the Star Princess

  • Government fees and air taxes

  • Your SUN TOURS Escort (with 20 or more travelers)




FROM: $5,140*



DEPOSIT: $200 per person NOW now holds your place


FINAL PAYMENT DUE: August 27, 2020



None - Through Aug. 27

20%* - Aug 28 - Sept 28

50%* - Sept 29 - Oct 28

75%* - Oct 29 - Nov 10

100% - After November 10, 2019

*Percentage of total price

TRAVEL PROTECTION is available starting at $353

Chase the wake of Magellan around wind-swept Tierra del Fuego on the Coral  Princess. It is the route of the ancient mariners, where mountains are capped with snow, and glaciers march to the sea. The long and rugged coastline is a perfect habitat for seals, penguins, whales, and bird colonies. As rugged as Alaska and as pristine as Norway, southern South America is a stunning surprise.


Included meals are denoted: Breakfast: B, Lunch: L, Dinner: D


DAY 1             

We board our overnight flights to Santiago, Chile.


DAY 2              B, L, D

We board our ship, Star Princess, and make our way to the bustling city of San Antonio (pop. 5 million), which enjoys its reputation as the gateway to Chile's central valley and capital of Santiago.


DAY 3 and 4   B, L, D             

After a day at sea, we arrive at Puerto Montt, our gateway to Chile's magnificent Lake District. Here, snow-capped volcanoes gaze down on alpine valleys nestled among low hills. The Lake District was a magnet for German immigrants, and their legacy can be seen today in the manicured rose gardens of Puerto Varas, in Chile's "German Villages.”


DAY 5 and 6   B, L, D              

A leisurely day at sea leads us to the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, where the Amalia Glacier originates. Today, this region gives way to the awe-inspiring channels and islands that comprise the fjords of southern Chile's Pacific Coast, which extend as far south as Tierra del Fuego and the Strait of Magellan. Wildlife is abundant, including sea lions, Peale's dolphins and a variety of seabirds that soar amid the splendor.


DAY 7              B, L, D

Punta Arenas is the gateway to Chilean Patagonia, a maze of fjords, rivers, steppes, and mountains to the north. To the south lies the great frozen mass of Antarctica. Adventure awaits in any direction at this port located near the end of the earth.


DAY 8              B, L, D

Across the Strait of Magellan lies Tierra del Fuego, discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in 1520. Howling headwinds, mountainous seas, and rocky coastlines spelled a sudden end to many voyages. Today, Ushuaia serves as our gateway to this wilderness.


DAY 9              B, L, D

We cruise around Cape Horn, considered to be the southernmost tip of South America. Maritime conditions have protected the rocky region from human settlement, so we’ll enjoy the same views as the earliest explorers discovered centuries ago.


DAY 10            B, L, D

The town of Stanley lies on the windswept tip of East Falkland Island. The Falklands long served as a way station for ships, particularly whalers, bound to and from Cape Horn. The islands' rigorous environment is immediately apparent: Stanley Harbor is dotted with the hulks of vessels that succumbed to the fierce winds and waves of the South Atlantic. While their strategic location led to important roles in both World Wars, the islands are best remembered as the cause of the 1982 war between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

DAY 11, 12, & 13   B, L, D           

Nestled between two leisurely days at sea, we arrive at Puerto Madryn, our gateway to one of South America's largest breeding grounds for birds and mammals - Tombo National Reserve. Witness the awe-inspiring Magellanic penguin colony that migrates to this Atlantic peninsula every year to watch over their eggs.

DAY 14 , 15          B,L,D

On Day 14, we are in position to view the total solar eclipse.  Day 15 takes us to Uruguay, the second smallest country in South America. Uruguay is one of the most literate nations in the world, and its capital of Montevideo, one of the most friendly.  Geographically, Montevideo is the most southern capital in the Americas.


DAY 16 &17    B, L, D           

Today, we arrive in spectacular Buenos Aires. Founded in the early 16th century, Buenos Aires was transformed from a colonial port into a cosmopolitan metropolis - the "Paris of the South" - by the cattle boom of the 1880s. As in the American West, boom was followed by bust. But that did not stop Buenos Aires from becoming the city it is today, where the elegant Colon Theater, one of the world's great opera houses, stands in counterpoint to the working-class barrios that gave birth to the tango.


DAY 18 

Our South American adventure comes to an end as we head to the airport for our overnight flights back to the U.S.A.


Itinerary subject to change

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