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Activity Meter

Just how physically demanding is a Sun Tour? Use our Activity Meter to get a feel for how it matches your interest, energy, and fitness. More than one level may apply as we make our tours work for a variety of styles. For example, some will appreciate a visit to a national park by spending time in the Visitor's Center and enjoying a seat with a view, while others may prefer taking an invigorating hike on a nature trail.


Easy – A tour that can be enjoyed with minimal walking and few, if any, stairs.

Moderate – A tour with some walking activities, and standing/strolling at attractions and museums.

Active – A tour that includes opportunities for longer walks, sometimes over uneven surfaces or up and down hills.

Energetic – A tour for those who want to do some hiking and have opportunities for extra physical activities.

Challenging – Tours with more demanding hiking and more vigorous activities can be great ... but not typical of Sun Tours.

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